Apple’s iPad Event


Apple is expected to unveil new updates to several of its most popular key products that include a new iMac, Macbook, and both of its iPads.

On Thursday October 16th, Apple is gearing up for a day full of major announcements, which will be to the delight and intrigue of every and all consumers. Here is a little rundown of what is expected to be announced at this event. For starters, the Cupertino, CA company is expected to unveil the newest iPad Air, which is expected to include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Currently the iPad Air comes in the colors of black and white, but this new iPad Air is expected to offer a new gold option for consumers to choose from. The screen is also said to have an anti-reflective coating, which allow for better viewing in sunny conditions. There is anticipation that a refresh to the iPad Mini will be revealed. The Mini will most likely fall in line with the changes that are expected to come to the iPad Air. An iMac with Apple’s patented Retina display is expected to be unveiled during this event. There are some reports suggesting that Apple will only start with one iMac model registering a screen size of 27 inches and a screen resolution of 5K, which would be double the resolution of the current Quad HD 27 inch iMac (2560 x 1440). With a new iMac comes the newest version of OS X. As it was previewed in June, OS X Yosemite is expected to be released the same time as this new iMac. More of what to expect from Yosemite can be found by referring to this PREVIEW courtesy of The Verge. Just like the iMac, a Retina display 12 inch Macbook is said to be in the works. Not much is known about this new Macbook and there is a possibility that Apple will not even unveil this new Macbook at this event. Nevertheless one is in the works and expect a new laptop in the future. Kickoff for this event will be 10 AM PST and if you’re looking to following this event at it happens, Riphort will refer you to The Verge as it will have access to a stream of the event. Depending on where you are in the world, the stream will begin at a different time so make sure to pay attention to the times that The Verge specifies on its website as they are given here. Surely exciting things will come about this event, so make sure you stay tuned!!


Source: The Verge (

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