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Jay Hardway sits with Riphort for an exclusive one-on-one interview.


Riphort Exclusive Interview with Jay Hardway

words: Brandon “Bova” Santiago

You may know DJ/producer Jay Hardway for his massive collaborations with Martin Garrix – ‘Error 404’ & ‘Wizard’. You might know him for his widely popular Inspire podcast now 24 episodes deep. If not, then you must know him for touring the globe and performing on the biggest stages with the biggest names in the business. Regardless of how or what you know him for, the point is that you know him.

Grabbing inspiration from Tiesto and other leading artists in the genre, the Drunen (The Netherlands) native found himself producing music at the young age of fourteen. As his talents grew so did the gigs he would play. Now with multiple Beatport chart toppers, numerous releases on top labels and years of experience Jay Hardway releases his latest offering – ‘Electric Elephants’.

Released on Spinnin’ Records, ‘Electric Elephants’ has already picked up much momentum and is quickly becoming a favorite with listeners worldwide. We linked up with Jay Hardway at his home in Amsterdam to discuss the new record and video, his career and his recent Highlight event at ADE.

Congratulations on the release of your newest single ‘Electric Elephants’ it has been doing very well so far.

What was the creation process like for you during this record?
It took a couple of months because I didn’t work on it all the time. I started this project before I even finished my track ‘Wake Up’. Most of the time I work with FL Studio. So for ‘Electric Elephants’ I used FL Studio as well.

In such a short time it has received so much support from your peers.
Yeah, it’s amazing! I’m really grateful for all the support it received!

The video is amazing as well, was it actually filmed in Tokyo?
Yes, me and the film crew from UBERcut and Kraftstoff actually went to Tokyo. I love Tokyo and i’ve been there before, which was one of the reasons to film there. The culture there is so different from Holland, and I really love the people. We had so much fun filming the whole video, especially filming outside with the elephant. Everybody was staring and taking pictures.

Which leads me to my next question who was in the elephant costume?
That’s a secret…. but maybe one day we will reveal it haha!

As an artist what things do you do to separate your sound, videos and overall brand from everybody else?
I make the stuff I like. In music production I choose the sounds and make the melodies I like. Same with video’s and overall brand. It’s more of a gut feeling I follow. If it feels good to me I proceed with it.

This years ADE event was very exciting for you can you talk a little bit about that and what happened? 
It was a very busy week with interviews and shows every day. Highlight was my own night where a lot of DJ’s showed up, like Firebeatz, Quintino, Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan and many more. At one point we were in the DJ booth with 12 of us! The whole crowd went crazy!

Earlier this year you also went on a North American tour. What was that like?
I visited soooo many cities haha! East coast, west coast, the middle of the country, everywhere! The most fun I had was my time in Vegas together with Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan. We stayed for three days and did all types of crazy things like wake boarding.

I am sure as a creative you must be constantly creating new records. How do you decide which ones to release and when?
My formula is to always try something new. It doesn’t need to be totally new, but I want every track to have something unique. I also check with labels to see what is smart to release at the moment.

It has been a very busy year for you in 2015, as it comes to an end what are some of your most memorable moments?
Wow. I always get this question and it is too hard to answer, I have seen so many great places and met a lot of great people all around the world.

What are some of your long term career goals as a DJ/producer?
Becoming a legend like Tiesto.


“My formula is to always try something new. It doesn’t need to be totally new, but I want every track to have something unique.”Jay Hardway

I watched a few videos online of you breaking down your production for certain records to teach other people that are trying to learn. Do you think videos and events like those are important not only to the industry as a whole but also to the individuals that are trying to learn how to perfect their talents?
I think the videos are good for the people who want to be creative but I don’t know everything about music production. I show them a way how you can make a track sound like mine. It is not always the right way, but I try to teach people to not let their creativity be limited by the software they use.

What can we expect from you in 2016 anything major planned?
There are a lot of cool things coming up for 2016! Can’t really talk about it yet … sorry! So you just have to keep an eye out.

Thanks for your time Jay is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks for the support!

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