The Phablet Era?


With just about every firm, even Apple, increasing the size of their flagship cellular devices over the last three years, we now have become fully immersed in a new era run by the phablet.

Everyone knows Samsung, a company known for taking plenty of risks with their devices. Back in 2011 when they unveiled the first device in the Galaxy Note lineup, everyone believed that Samsung was foolish to think anyone would want a phone with a humongous screen in comparison to other phones that were already out on the market, most notably the iPhone 4. After witnessing the success of the original Galaxy Note other competitors, including Samsung themselves, began increasing the sizes of all their flagship phones as well as increasing the power of the hardware found inside of these devices. It can be argued that the Galaxy Note made firms realize just how how the market for larger screened phones was full of opportunity to capitalize, make profit, and increase their market share. Fast forward to 2014. Samsung is now releasing their 4 iteration of their wildly successful Galaxy Note line, along with an interesting twist-up of their Galaxy Note 4 model called the Galaxy Note Edge that features an OLED screen with a curved edge. More of a niche product. But over a span of three years, we have seen manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Nokia, and most notably and recently Apple increase the size of their devices to attract new consumers. Other than entry smartphones, it’s very uncommon to find a high-end phone that has a screen smaller than 4.7″. It is extremely apparent that we currently live in an age where the trend of bigger and better phones show signs of slowing down any time soon. The only question that needs to be asked is just how big will devices become? Is there any limit to how big a mobile device can really be?

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