Titanfall on the Horizon


A brief overlook of Respawn Entertainments up and coming title Titanfall.

Ever wondered what Call of Duty would be like with giant robots? Titanfall is Respawn Entertainment’s big break into the industry, combining the fast paced gameplay known and loved by CoD players with massive mechsuits called “Titans”. The similarity between the two games is easy to spot, especially once you realize Respawn is formed of previous Infinity Ward members. This game is their first ambitious project, an attempt to put themselves on the map in the First Person Shooter(FPS) community.

Titanfall just recently ended it’s beta period, leaving plenty of different opinions in its wake. It is an undeniably polished and clean looking game, using the gritty atmosphere of warfare to compliment its futuristic armaments. Unlike CoD, it allows players to run on and hang on walls which allows for very dynamic and fast paced match ups. The Titans are implemented in a way that has a definite impact on each battle, but without being overwhelmingly strong. Titan on Titan combat feels powerful and immersive, allowing the player to stomp through the battlefield and either make each other explode or force enemy pilots to eject and be at your mercy. You can use unique “burn cards” to add powerful but temporary effects to your weapons and Titans, they last as long as you live.

Like all games, Titanfall has it’s own set of problems. The matches are over almost too quickly, leaving you feeling somewhat rushed into another queue timer for the next one. The game lacks destructible terrain, which definitely detracts from the experience of firing tons of missiles into buildings and courtyards (and players). There are computer controlled soldiers  that populate the battle, something usually seen in the MOBA genre. These AI add an interesting twist to the standard FPS experience, but lack variety and really only act as cannon fodder.

At the end of the day, Titanfall is a AAA title and a rising star in the video game market. It already has a tremendous following and will no doubt bring in even more when it becomes available on PC and Xbox One March 11th.


Image – Titanfall

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