Windows 10


Microsoft is preparing for the near future as it has unveiled the next version of its OS, simply referring to it as Windows 10.

Currently Windows 8.1 is the most up to date version of the Windows OS. However on September 30th, 2014, Microsoft gave the world its first look at its overhaul of the Windows operating system, simply calling it Windows 10. Now first thing is first, why is the name Windows 10 and not Windows 9? According to a user on Reddit claiming to be a Microsoft developer, the name “Windows 9” could break strings of easily changeable code. This can viewed by clicking here. Windows 10 will be a “one application platform” for all Windows devices, meaning that the OS will be on all devices and will have the ability to interact with one another much easier. The “Start” menu makes its triumphant return after being completely taken out of Windows 8 builds. Corporate enterprises will be able to seamlessly connect all of their information and applications with the ease of use of Windows 10, tasks that Windows 8 could never fulfill. Tactile functions will remain present on Windows 10 as well. Multiple desktops and multi-tasking functionality will also be present. Just a few pieces of information on what to expect. Currently there are developer builds available to those who wish to try out an early version of Windows 10. Consumer previews will not be available until early 2015 and the commercial release is expected to happen around the beginning of Fall 2015. No words on the pricing as of yet but as of right now, but going by first look, Windows 10 looks very promising. Check out the unveiling video by clicking the link at the end. Anyone excited to see Windows 8 finally see its final days?

Windows 10


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